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Welcome to the Apostolic Home School Network website!

We are glad you are here, whether you have come through a conscious search or through some series of clicks that "just happened." We don't believe that the important things of life just happen for no reason.

Since you're here, God has something for you. Do some searching and come back in the future because the site will change as God works in us to bring more things to you. See what our purpose is, some of the articles we have written, some of the events we're connected with, and some pictures from those events. You'll be blessed.

As you look around, consider this thought from the Bible ~ the Word of God:

Psalm 33:5 ~ He loveth righteousness and judgment: the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD.

The word translated goodness here has to do with mercy and kindness. The earth is full of examples of God's kindness and goodness. God might have something on this site or in our ministry that He wants to give you because of His love for you. Think about it and look for it, not only here, but in your lives each day. He will bless you!

Thanks for being here!

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