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Challenge and Encouragement
Are you struggling and need to be reminded of why you you are home schooling? Do you need some encouragement to draw closer to God as you train your children? Read these articles to lift your spirits.

Cultural Concerns
Being separated to God means that we don't fit in with the world around us. These articles speak to life concerns.

Getting Started Home Schooling
Are you thinking about starting to home school? Or maybe you have made the decision, but don't know how to proceed. These articles will help.

Nuts and Bolts
These articles address the academic side of home schooling.

What do we mean when we talk about "worldview?" How does our worldview affect how we think? These articles will help you to understand how to think Biblically in every area of your life.

Challenge and Encouragement

Our Journey Through Cancer ~
by Carol Ryerson ~ Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases, but the Ryerson lived through it and came out victorious on the other side. Read Carol's story of how God brought them through Steve's cancer.

Shemá ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ When we hear the word "Shemá," we immediately think of Deuteronomy 6:4, which the Jews refer to as the Shemá. Most people don't know what this word means. This article will show us what Shemá means for us today.

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Cultural Concerns

Home/Church Cooperation ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ Sometimes home schoolers can find themselves facing differences between what they teach in their home and various facets of their churches. They are in a quandary on what to do. Steve & Carol help you navigate through these difficult waters.

Is Your Family Your Idol?
~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ The Bible commands us to train our children, but it is possible to turn this process into a god rather than as a means to serving our God.

Who Is Salting Whom?
~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ The concern is often expressed that Christian children need to be the "sale and light" in the public schools. The Ryersons give their well-thought-out view on this topic.

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Getting Started Home Schooling

What Is Home Schooling?
~ by Steve Ryerson ~ Many people think of home schooling and schooling at home as being the same thing. In this concise article Steve explains what true home schooling is.

Getting Started Part 1~ Knowing Why You Are Doing It ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ Do you believe God wants you to home school, but you aren't sure exactly what it's all about or why? This article will help you begin to think through what you are doing.

Getting Started Part 2 ~ Determining Learning and Teaching Styles ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ You may already realize that your children have different ways of learning new concepts. Did you know that you, also have a particular way that you teach best? This article will help you determine how each member of your family functions best.

Getting Started Part 3 ~ What Curriculum Should You Use? ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ If you have been to a home school conference or curriculum fair, your head is probably spinning. Allow the Ryersons to help you sort through the different types of materials so that you can zero in on the best fit for your children.

Getting Started Part 4 ~ Scheduling and Record Keeping ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ You may have talked to several home school families who all function differently. The Ryersons give some pointers to consider.

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Nuts and Bolts

The Father's Role in Home Education ~ by David A. Huston ~ Dads sometimes comment that their wives are homeschooling. Dads are many times gone from home all day earning a living, but what should his role be in the home school? Dave examines this question from a Biblical perspective.

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Part 1 ~ Introduction and Philosophy
~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ What do we mean when we talk about "worldview?" How does our worldview affect how we think? This first article of the Worldview series answers these questions in a very easy to understand way.

Part 2 ~ Ethics and Biology ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ God created the world and established principles by which our lives should be ruled. Those facts affect how we view ethics and biology. Read about it in this article.

Part 3 ~ Psychology and Sociology ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ Many Christians today are confused by the onslaught of social change coming at them. They vaguely know what the Bible says, but what society says can sound convincing. What is right? Gain some insight from this article.

Part 4 ~ Law and Politics ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ Shouldn't law and politics be kept separate from religion? Or should my Biblical understanding affect my political views? Learn more about this in Part 4 of this series.

Part 5 ~ Economics ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ The Bible has a lot to say about money. Read this to get an overview on a Biblical view of finance.

Part 6 ~ History ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ Were we created by an all-knowing, all-powerful God? Or are we here by accident? Our view on creation affects how we view all of history.

Part 7 ~ Conclusion ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson ~ This final article in the Worldview series ties the topics together and show us that we must live by the Word in every area of our lives.

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