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The Apostolic Home School Network is a ministry which was born in the 1980's in the hearts of Steve and Carol Ryerson as they desired to help other Apostolic home schoolers. At the time, they only knew of one other Apostolic family who was home schooling. Although their own sons are now adults, their passion continues to be assisting parents in rearing godly families.

Through the years they were joined in this endeavor by many others, includingArthur & Julia Vanderhoff, who also shared this passion, rendered vital advice, and helped shoulder the load.


Steve & Carol Ryerson

Steve & Carol RyersonSteve & Carol essentially began homeschooling with the birth of their first son, even though at that time they had never heard of homeschooling. They started more officially in 1983 when their eldest son began kindergarten. At that time homeschooling was still legally questionable in Ohio. They continued for the next 18 years until their younger son graduated in 2001.

A graduate of The Ohio State University in social studies and English education, Steve taught in both public and Christian schools. He was also a Christian school principal. After being in the field of education for 17 years, they moved to Findlay, Ohio where he pastored for 9 years. Steve and Carol relocated to western Kentucky in 2007.

Carol graduated from the Capital University Conservatory of Music in Columbus, Ohio, having majored in piano. With her training as a classical pianist, she has taught piano privately and been involved in church music, playing piano, organ, and keyboard. She also founded and directed a home school choir while they still lived in Columbus. Carol still teaches piano on a limited basis in their home. She currently works part-time at Health Journey Health Foods in Murray, a store that works to help people with their health needs.

Steve & Carol have been advising parents with the training of their children and to think Biblically for over 25 years. They published a home school newsletter for seven years, wrote for two national home school publications, and also founded the Apostolic Home School Festival in 2000.

In early 2009 Steve developed lymphoma, which they decided to treat through natural means. The LORD healed in a wonderful way. Now past that phase of his life, both Steve & Carol are happy to share their experience with those who would like to treat cancer or other conditions through diet and other natural alternatives.

Steve and Carol have two fine adult sons, Tom and David, one delightful daughter-in-law, Julie (David's wife), and three absolutely precious grandchildren: Scott, 11, Nathan, 8, and Alexa, 7.

Steve and Carol are both avid readers, especially Bible study and non-fiction that draw them closer to God. Steve also enjoys working in the yard while Carol enjoys playing piano, writing, cooking, sewing, and studying about natural healing, including homeopathy. They are the authors of two books, Bringing the Word to Your Family, and Knowing Him: A Study in Relationship.

They are in the process of planting Believers' Fellowship, a family-integrated Apostolic house church.

The Ryersons are still available for speaking engagements, and limited consultations.

Arthur & Julia Vanderhoff

Art & Julia VanderhoffArthur and Julia Vanderhoff are both graduates of Apostolic Bible Institute and have Associate degrees in Business from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Julia served the faculty of ABI for two years after her graduation in 1978. Arthur began his studies at ABI in the fall of 1978. When he walked into Julia's class for the first time, the LORD spoke into his spirit that this was the woman he was to marry. And marry they did in May, 1980, beginning a life of team minitry. After Arthur's 1981 graduation, they assisted a home missionary in Iowa for a year before working as full-time evangelists for over twelve years, traveling to 30 different states and 2 Canadian provinces. During that time they spent one year working in a Christian School in San Diego, California where Arthur was administrator and Julia was a teacher. That was the only year their children were not home schooled.

They settled in Hartford City, Indiana where Arthur pastored for over twelve years. During this time, God expanded their ministry to home school families. They moved to Greenwood, Indiana in 2007. In 2008 Arthur & Julia assumed the directorship of the Home School Festival which the Ryersons founded.

Arthur & Julia are the blessed parents of four children: Arthur, who lives in Missouri with his wife, Christina, and their five children, Ruthanne, Elijah, and Caleb, and twins Malachi & Josiah; Ben, Luke, and Emily. Emily now resides in Phoenix Arizona with her husband, Phillip Conner . In addition to their own four children, the Vanderhoffs home schooled their nephew, Daniel Medrano for 5 years.

Arthur & Julia are available for speaking engagements, and consultations.

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