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What Is Home Schooling?

by Steve Ryerson

Does that seem to be a silly question? You might respond by saying, “Everyone knows what that is; it’s teaching your children at home.” After many years of homeschooling, our view has come to be quite different:

True home schooling is not primarily an academic program;
It is a family-centered plan for discipleship.

We have learned that it is not an effort to replicate at home what is done in a school building. It is not something that is done mainly to improve academics. It is not something done mainly to save money that would otherwise be spent on a Christian school. It is not done to avoid a short term, unpleasant situation at a school ~ any school. Moreover, it is not a misguided effort by a non-teacher pretending to be an expert that he or she is not. Neither is it an effort to cut off one’s family from the outside world.

Home schooling is a family-based effort to obey the Scriptural commands in rearing children to serve the Lord. God has built into the family ~ the foundational unit of society ~ a potential for influencing future generations to serve the Lord in a way that cannot be duplicated by any other institution. No civil government, church, or non-profit organization can train up children as well as the family can.

The family can effectively protect young people against illicit drugs, sex, and peer pressure. It can help them see who they are, where they’ve come from, and where they are going. The family can provide teaching, correction, encouragement, and discipline in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. As “adults in training” come up through their home school programs, they see themselves as effective contributors in the Church Body, not as spectators who need continuous entertainment.

This is true home schooling.

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